Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ways To Langkawi

         It is very convenient for the Malaysian who want to travel especially within the east peninsular Malaysia. Before you can go to Langkawi, you must reach the jetty first if you choose to travel by road. In order to arrive at the jetty,for sure you must book your bus ticket. In Seri Manjung Bus Station, there is quite a lot of options that you may choose from either Transnational, Arwana or Seri Maju bus company. However, only "Arwana" bus company provide you straight from seri manjung to Kuala Perlis. The rest bus company offer you to Butterworth only, after that, you need to take another bus to Kuala Perlis.

Kaunter 6: Arwana Bus Company In Seri Manjung Bus Station
         It took around 6 to 7 hours journey from seri manjung to the Kuala Perlis. You may refer to the timetable for the bus departure. It is suggested to take more earlier bus trip due to quite a long journey and you most probably will arrive at the final destination before the sunset. At the same time, you may enjoy the scene of the Kuala Perlis before you take a ferry to the Langkawi.

            To make the travel more relax, you may have a night stay at the Kuala Perlis's hotel. There are a lot of hotels available nearby the Kuala Perlis Jetty.One of the option you may refer is "T Hotel'.

Front View of the T Hotel
               This hotel can be categories as "Simple & Modern Hotel" . It just cost me RM89 for one night staying breakfast provided for 3 persons in "Standard Twin" package. The environment is quite nice which facing the jetty and can also the sea view. It provides basic facilities include TV with Astro Channel, Water Cooler, Towels, Air-Conditional, Water Refill Machine and etc.

                           Based on the photo, you may feel the warm and comfortable resting place. There is one famous of the seafood restaurant besides the jetty and its name is "Hai Thien Restaurant". You need to walk through the small path besides the car selling shop in order to get in the restaurant. It is just 1 minutes walking distance from the jetty to the restaurant.

                         The food here is very famous especially the "Sour Steam Fish". This place attracts people around the Kuala Perlis and the tourist who come across here. One of the special place of this restaurant is that it located besides the jetty. You may eating your dinner while enjoying the beautiful scene of sunset. 

Pour The Soup Onto The Steam Fish
The Secret Recipe Soup
                               Besides, you may order other food that is quite popular amongst Chinese Menu, that is "Shao Po Tau Fu " & "Spicy Xia Gu".

Spicy Xia Gu

Shao Po Tou Fu
           After enjoy the dinner,you may walk around to the beautiful scene of the Kuala Perlis. It is remarkable.
                  It's time to rest in the hotel and to recharge the energy for the next day Langkawi Trip!

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